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About Me


Hi, I am Cristina! 

I am a Canadian with Romanian roots. I was born and raised in the medieval city of Sibiu, Romania and I have lived for more than half of my life in Vancouver, Canada.


As a child I wished so much to explore other places and cultures! Since I couldn’t travel, I read and day-dreamed about it. I would walk to school talking to myself in French, imagining I am having conversations with someone in France. I had little hope that my dreams would come true, but they did. To date I got to travel to some 20 countries and I speak four languages: English, French, Spanish and naturally, Romanian.


With a degree in Computer Engineering, I have spent my entire professional career in IT and loved my profession. My first love for travel never faded away and in any work break I would try to travel, taking trips within Canada or abroad.

About an year ago, a job opportunity for Eddie, my husband, has turned around our lives. We became expats. We now live abroad and travel lots. It is a new lifestyle, with plenty to discover, sometimes challenging, but never boring and I love it!

Home is now the place where we drop our anchor. Each travel, be it a long or short stay, is unique!  There's so much abundance of novelty at once that made me wonder if I would be able to remember it all in the future. This is how the idea of this blog came along. Hope you will enjoy reading my stories as much as I did living and writing them.

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